Ah, so there is this About page.


For now, I’ll say that I intend to upload many pictures and write about Wrocław, a city in Poland I fell in love with a couple of years ago. I’ll be “publishing” some posts according to the original date (of the photo or the text, if I copy the text from my journal). And I’ll be changing this About page when it isn’t three o’clock in the morning (or maybe it will be three, four o’clock in the morning when I get to it, just not today (which is 17 May 2015 –or, rather, 18 May 2015)) – and if I remember. Which I probably will.

Meanwhile, kocham to miasto.

I hope you enjoy this photoblog. Thanks for visiting.

Lisa Miyako


“Places, I often feel, choose people, not the other way round.”

–Will Self, Psychogeography


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