ul. Stanisława Małachowskiego 24

One of my favorite ways to learn Wrocław is by bicycle, especially with M and T, with T as our intrepid tour guide. Both M and T are natives, but M is learning the city by tracing T’s routes with him. One recent Saturday, T led us on a nostalgia tour of his childhood (another set of photos I’ve yet to upload). On that same trip, we came up behind ul. Małachowskiego 24, a building that looked abandoned but, once T and I investigated inside, showed signs of residency. I have asked Google for information about this street (crossing at ul. Gen. Kazimierza Pułaskiego), and while I’ve found other photographs, I haven’t yet found historical information. I’ll be sure to update after I’ve found some.

One update [quoted with minor grammatical corrections]: [Małachowski] Street was marked by the Bureau of Police in Wroclaw on 20 September 1844. Its origin is connected with the construction in 1842 of the Upper Silesian Station, which was built on the road linking the highway [to] Suburb Oławskie Strzelin. Originally called Flurstraβe which translated into Polish is roughly ‘Łanowa Street.'” [link: wroclaw.fotopolska.eu]

©Lisa Miyako. All Rights Reserved.

My bicycle at the entrance to the rear of the building at 24.

©Lisa Miyako. All Rights Reserved.

Looking back at the rear entrance of ul. Małachowskiego 24

©Lisa Miyako. All Rights Reserved.

The worn, wood steps are inset with lovely, metal grills letting in light from the window at each landing.

©Lisa Miyako. All Rights Reserved.

The deterioration, stink, litter, and graffiti point to hard times in a building that retains details of its former beauty.

©Lisa Miyako. All Rights Reserved.

No. 8 looks inhabited, at least from this side of the door.

©Lisa Miyako. All Rights Reserved.

The landing from the topmost floor.

©Lisa Miyako. All Rights Reserved.

Door to ul. Małachowskiego.

©Lisa Miyako. All Rights Reserved.

The building from the rear.

©Lisa Miyako. All Rights Reserved.

Rear entrance to adjacent building number 22.

[Date of photographs: 31 May 2015]


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