Masz farta!

Recently, I picked up the Dirty Harry collection, and I’m watching it with Polish subtitles, cos sometimes the English is too fast for Marta to keep up. It’s hard for me to ignore the subtitles, but it also helps to reinforce learning Polish. One of the characters in Magnum Force says, “You’re lucky.” Masz fart. Of course, I started giggling. I turned to Marta, “Fart! Does fart mean lucky?” Yes. Yes, it does.

So, I wanted to tell Adam “good luck” today on one of his posts on Facebook. I wrote “dobra farta,” cos my brain told me that I couldn’t have remembered “fart” correctly. I giggled when I showed my comment to Marta, pleased that I’d correctly matched dobra and farta. (All the words have one of three genders, masculine, feminine, or neuter, with the noun’s gender determining the adjective’s gender. Easy, right? Then the form changes depending on the verb. And whether the noun is singular or plural. And so on. Hahaha, Polish!) (So hard.)

“No, no, no,” she said. “Powodzenia. If you want to wish someone luck, it’s powodzenia.” I quickly deleted my comment and reposted.

She tried to explain the difference, because I insisted that I knew that “farta” meant lucky or luck. She said that first of all, it’s “fart, masculine.” Ah. Of course. Fart is masculine. (Isn’t it, though?)

Secondly, fart is connected with the verb mieć (to have), because, as Marta said, “You can’t wish a fart.”

Yes, “fart” is masculine, but the phrase is “masz farta,” because mieć is narzędnik which adds an “a” to fart.

So what started out as a Beavis-and-Butthead giggle over “fart” has turned into a time-consuming, belabored lesson in Polish. I had wanted to stop at “you can’t wish a fart.”

Dzięki, Polski!


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