Polish Ramen

In Warsaw for Adam’s play, we ate dinner at Tekeda Sushi & Ramen first, because I haven’t tried ramen in Poland (and the crowded pierogi restauracja next door wouldn’t permit Łapa to come inside). I have been jonesin’ for ramen. The noodles were handmade, so I was very hopeful. Alas… the overall flavor was Polish. How can I describe that? It leaned more towards meaty, pierogi, earthy rather than light, sweet-oceany-soy-sauce-teriyaki-miso, if that makes sense, and of course it doesn’t. After I recovered from the surprise, I enjoyed the meal, but I’m still jonesin’ for ramen. And udon. And Mom’s onigiri.

And I want to watch Tampopo again.

Maybe I shouldn’t. Not until I can eat a bowl of Japanese ramen. Or udon, which seems to be more rare in Poland.


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